Price Match Policy

Coastal Riders Price Match Policy.

Coastal Riders Shop is a family owned and operated Snowboard, Skate and Ski Shop located in Langley, BC, Canada since 2001. We carry an extensive selection of Snow, Skate, Ski and Apparel brands. It is our goal to have the best prices in Canada!

Our Lowest Price Guarantee.

We will match any Canadian advertised price* 
We will also match or best any online retailers regular price on anything we carry
Whether the item is in Quebec, California, or Deleware

Please note:

*Currency conversion rates will be taken into effect when matching US prices.

Requirements for a price match

  • Same model year
  • Same colour
  • Same size
  • Same condition
  • In stock on competitor’s website for immediate purchase

All competitor websites and listings on 3rd party sites such as eBay and Amazon must be licensed online retailers, based in Canada. These retailers can honour manufacturer warranties and ensure the product is not secondhand or a knock-off.

Contact Us To Match The Price:

From Canada: Please email at with the subject: PRICE MATCH, Include the ad link along with the name, description, colour and price of the product. You will be sent a code that you can apply to your purchase to obtain the matched price.

From USA: We will match any price from a US retailer by using the same information listed above.

The conditions of our Price Match Policy may be modified without notice. 
For any further inquiries on our Price Match Policy, please call 1-604-531-3176