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Jeff Keenan 0

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, DWD, Dragon, 32, Salmon Arms, Union Favourite Snowboard Videos:  DWD Team Video, Young Guns, YoungBrownWalsh, Subjekt Haakonsen, Luminous Llama, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, Meltdown Project Favourite Music Artists: Its too wide to narrow down to just a couple. [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers:  @ouropenroad  @thephotosociety @dinosaurs_will_die Your Instagram: @keenanjeff Nicknames: J Kwow [/one_half] [easy-media cat="432"]

Sean Genovese 0

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, Dinosaurs Will Die, Nuclear, Defcon, Sabre, Bent Metal Favourite Snowboard Videos:  Think Thank Favourite Music Artists: Flynt Flossy [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers:  @Dinosaurs_Will_Die @SnowboardHell Your Instagram: @seangenovese Nicknames: Geno [/one_half] [easy-media cat="435"]

Leanne Pelosi 0

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, K2, Airblaster, Dragon, Dakine, Protec Favourite Snowboard Videos:  Deja Vu, The Garden, Twelve, True Life, Robot Food Favourite Music Artists: Fleetwood Mac [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers:  @napkinapocalypse, @aaronleyland, @adorableanimals, @puppypalace Your Instagram: @leannepelosi Website: Nicknames: Pelosi, Pelo Lee Lee, Party Pelosi [/one_half] [easy-media cat="363"]

Brendan Keenan 0

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, DWD, 32, Dragon, Etnies, Mt Symour Favourite Snowboard Videos:  Skids, Whiskey, Whitey Movies Favourite Music Artists: The Boss, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers:  @whatyouth, @natgeo, @alanarblanchard Your Instagram: @brendanwkeenan Nicknames: B-Kwon [/one_half] [easy-media cat="364"]

Matt Heneghan 0

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, DWD, 32, IS Eyewear, Salmon Arms Favourite Snowboard Videos:  DWD Team Video, Young Guns, Decade, Skids, True Life Favourite Music Artists: MOP, Wu Tang, Mad Professor, ONYX, Action Bronson, Selena Gomez [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers:  @ecsphoto, @dinosaurs_will_die Your Instagram: @mattheneghan Nicknames: The Peoples Champ, Heneton, Goatman, Couple a Matt's [/one_half] [easy-media cat="434"]