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Team Ripper Stefan "Taco" Alvarez just released an edit of his footage from throughout the 2016 year so far. Snowboard season is right around the corner, and we can expect much more to come from him!
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CSTL hangtime of February 24 is happening tomorrow night! 0

CSTL hangtime of February 24 is happing tomorrow night at Mt Seymour terrain parks! We have tons of giveaways from Vans, Zeal, CSTL and More! Come say hi for the last jam of the season. The snow is cold and the parks are fresh, what more could we ask for... The snow-forecast is calling for light winds and mild temperatures. Get ready to ride!

@timebombtrading web series SHOPS first episode 0

SHOPS by TIMEBOMB TRADING - COASTAL RIDERS from Timebomb Trading Inc. on Vimeo.


The CSTL boys up at Seymour doing what they do. This park edit is of the kind that Spicoli would undoubtedly call “tasty.” The slopes are richly furnished with snow. The locals have character, if not spunk. For these reasons the 1980s super hit Fast Times at Ridgemont High is an incredibly apt enhancer for this Seymour Report. Starring Coastal team riders and friends. Sean Dino, Geoff Stinsen, Mike James, Dave Emann, TJ Koskela, Matt Butel, Logan Haubrich, Alex Stathis, Russell Lee, Darren Smith, Ray Bishop, and Matt Heneghan.


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