Jeff Muirhead

[one_half last="no"] Sponsors: Coastal Riders, Mason Industries, Lib Rech (bro flow, thanks Wes), Ekumenik Apparel and satan Favourite Snowboard Videos:  Anything from these kids is alright by me. Pirate Movie Production Favourite Music Artists: Punk/Metal, Motörhead, Left Over Crack, D.R.I, The Addicts, The Hookers, Devil in the Wood Shack, S.O.D [/one_half] [one_half last="yes"] Favourite Instagramers: I don't know yet, any thing to do with hotdogs and legs. Your Instagram: coming soon when I decide to get one. Nicknames: Muirhead, Motörhead, Jar-Head [/one_half] [easy-media cat="486"]

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