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Skate Park Season

Skate Park Season 0

Spring is in the air, the weather is getting warm and it's time to dust of your Skateboard and hot the streets and skate parks.

We thought we would share a list of the skate parks in BC. Go visit your local park, or better yet, organize a road trip and hit them all!



They have arrived in time for Spring! The new CSTL skate decks are here. Grab yours before they are all gone.

All CSTL decks are made in Canada and come in a variety of sizes.

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How To Choose Your Snowboard Goggles

How To Choose Your Snowboard Goggles 0

Key features of good eyewear.

It’s essential to wear the correct eyewear on the mountain to avoid the risk of snow blindness. Compared to sunglasses, goggles offer maximum protection from the elements, and choosing the right pair is about combining comfort and style with practicality.

The first thing to note is size. Womens goggles are typically smaller than guys, and within each of these categories there is a huge variety of shapes. It’s important to select a pair that suits your own face type – if you have a larger head then avoid compact styles that might be uncomfortable and limit your peripheral vision.

Goggle padding

Foam protection & ventilation to ensure comfort

These days, almost all goggles come with a double lens, which reduces fogging. If you’re shopping on a budget however, then double check, since single lenses are far less effective.

There are two fundamental types of lens to choose from: spherical and cylindrical.

Cylindrical lenses curve around the frame horizontally, but are flat from top to bottom. They are simpler to manufacture and therefore cheaper, but still offer good performance and are arguably more stylish.





Spherical lenses are a little more high tech, curving both horizontally and vertically, like a bubble. This has three advantages: increased peripheral vision, reduced glare, and less distortion at the edges of the lens. Spherical lenses are therefore more expensive, but it’s always worth checking if the style and fit work for you.

In the past few years, so-called frameless goggles have also become popular. The lens clips straight onto the front rather than under a rim, providing increased peripheral vision and a clean look. The downside is that the lens is a little less protected from falls than a traditional frame.

A crucial factor, whatever type of lens you opt for, is ventilation. When air flows freely through the goggles it reduces their capacity to fog, so look for a pair with plenty of foam or plastic vents.

When the visibility changes, it’s important to be able to change the lens. This is easier to do with some brands than others, so keep an eye out for quick release mechanisms – like Anon's magnetic system or Dragons quick lock system. Some models will even come with a spare lens (usually low light) to help clinch the deal.

Dragon quick lock lens

If you already own a helmet then it’s a good idea to check your chosen goggles are a good fit for it. The strap should easily fit around it and they should feel comfortable around the edge.

Google and helmut fit

Finally, whether you wear a helmet or a beanie, silicon strips on the back of the strap will help keep your goggles secure.

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Coastal Riders x Mt Seymour After Dark Sessions are back!

Wednesday nights from 6pm-9pm on The Mystery Chair. Come ride the park and show us what you've got in a jam format park session.

  • February 1st
  • February 8th
  • February 22nd
  • March 1st
  • March 8th

Prizes from: Salmon Arms, DWD, Burton, Vans, 686, Lib-Tech & DaKine

Congratulations to our winner of our poster contest Matt Miller

Rider Instagram: @matt.miller__



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