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The Fourth Phase - Fraser Valley Film Premiere - SKY Helicopters OCT 2nd

The Fourth Phase - Fraser Valley Film Premiere - SKY Helicopters OCT 2nd 0

Join us Sunday Oct. 2nd for the Global premiere - Tune In Party of The Fourth Phase, hosted by SKY Helicopters and Agency Media. 


Come early for an outdoor party on the helicopter deck starting at 6:30 pm, with food trucks, cash bar, DJ and activities from Red Bull and Molson.  

"After four years in the making, Travis Rice's The Fourth Phase will finally be revealed to the world. It’s the most-anticipated film in snowboarding history and the hype surrounding it is beyond exaggeration. Rice’s vision for this film began to brew the day they wrapped The Art of Flight, and the journey he’s taken since is one that’s set to leave a lasting impact the snow world over." - Red Bull



FULLMOON! The Best Women's Snowboarding.

FULLMOON! The Best Women's Snowboarding. 0

There is no present without the past and no future without the present. Full Moon is a two-year film project featuring Annie Boulanger, Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Leanne Pelosi, Marie-­France Roy, and Helen Schettini. With the voices of the legends at their backs, the Full Moon crew is off to make their own mark in snowboarding while paying tribute to their influencers and forging new community.

It's great to see the progression of these women over the years. If you haven't already seen the movie check it out on iTunes ! Makes me want to go Snowboarding!

Get stoked and ENJOY! 



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September Sale - 50% Off All Clothing and Shoes! 0

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Travis Rice's

Travis Rice's "The Fourth Phase" Trailer 0

As we've come to expect from Travis Rice & the boys at Brainfarm. It looks amazing!


Travis Rice's newest full length film following another one of his mind melting journeys is heading our way October 2nd. This is definitely not something you want to miss, considering the level of production and riding that was in his last movie, "The Art of Flight". If you are as hyped about the snow to hit as we are, you may want to watch this trailer and prepare for the season by shopping through our last years goods at blowout prices in our Winter BlowOut Sale